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Due to current HorrorHound policy, no baseball bats wrapped in real barbed wire will be allowed in the convention center. If you would like Jeffrey Dean Morgan to sign a real bat. Then all barbed wire must be removed and left at home. This is also an ordinance with the Sharonville Police Department that a baseball bat wrapped in real barb wire is considered a deadly weapon and safety hazard and will be confiscated without‚Äč warning. So please leave the barbed wire at home. Thanks

by: HorrorHound


Justin A. Haines about a month ago

The only people that would be mad about this are the people standing at their dining room table right now with a fake beard on and bloody fingertips currently wrapping barbed wire around their bat.

Jeff Schulmeister about a month ago

Don't complain about it. I was told no real chainsaw chain for a prop I was using, I changed it out. It's more to make sure you don't accidentally hurt someone. People don't look when they are walking, some people push into crowds, and kids wander off. Do you really want to be sued because your prop cut someone? Be smart

Holly Banker about a month ago

I would think this common sense but then again I know some idiot would have

Tim Idle about a month ago

It took me 5 seconds to take the barb wire off my bat and it will go back on just as easy. I agree with this. Its not just for everyone's safety, but we also don't want Jeffrey Dean Morgan getting cut on barb wire and getting pissed and leave.

Jared Johnson about a month ago

50 people walking around in a packed place with a barb wire bat over their shoulders, surely someone will get snagged, it obviously should have been announced weeks ago but damn, imagine the temper tantrums you'd be having if you caught one across the face on accident. Common sense really.

Alisa Michelle Guffey about a month ago

Make sure you keep a baseball glove in your trunk with your bat. Your lawyer will thank you later.

Jesse Girard about a month ago

This is the best thing I have seen on Facebook in literal months.

Missy Begley about a month ago

On a side note... coffe is hot. Sad part is if it wasn't said, there'd be that one person......

Sebastian Crow about a month ago

Is it okay if the bat is saturated in Glenn's blood and brain matter?

Harold Burgher about a month ago

Could I still bring a machete for Kane Hodder to sign?

Jason Delgado about a month ago

The fact that you have to state this and people will still be upset will be completely mind blowing.

Ron Munster about a month ago

Horrorhound coming out with jokes since the magazine is dead

TravIs G McPherson about a month ago

Hilarious and sad that this even had to be said!!

Chad Wildman about a month ago

Hey HHW crew... good luck!

Jerry Mastin about a month ago

Can we get there around 12

Angie Gypsy Nowling about a month ago

Isn't this just common sense? It'd be too easy to snag someone in these crowded rooms.

Sara Harris about a month ago

Here's your sign!

Samantha Creech about a month ago

What about the toy replica with the plastic barbed wire?

Charles Johnson about a month ago

Yes. It's very sad that you have to make these disclaimers to adults. This is reality though.

Griff Akins about a month ago

This post needs to go viral

Chris Simerly about a month ago


Rex Sharpe about a month ago

Baseball bats alone have never hurt anyone, tho.

Helene Donoghue about a month ago

Rubber barbwire can be purchased online for fairly cheap.

Benjamin Dennis Bodie about a month ago

what about metal striping around a bat like in 31?

Rich Crisman about a month ago

Is dynamite ok?