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UPDATE: Many who attended HHW today seemed to be interested in the location of the Jeffrey Dean Morgan autograph line ticket queue. When entering the building in the morning – there will be a booth located near the Q&A room. Tickets for autograph line placement will be given first-come, first-serve until depleted. These will be timed tickets and will include breaks and adjustments to JDM's schedule. Please – there will be no running, pushing, or any unnecessary rush once doors open – or (to paraphrase Negan) we will shut it down quick. Please be sure to be kind to not only your fellow con-goers, but the HHW staff and volunteers who are working hard to help put this event on!

Another important note: Due to travel scheduling issues, JDM will not be able to begin signing until after noon (exact time TBD in the morning once his flight's en route and on time) – but to accommodate the missed signing time early in the morning, JDM has intentions to sign past show hours (so be prepared in that situation). If you need more information on the queue line – visit the virtual queue page (which could have been found on the HHW page under JDM's guest image):


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Tonya Ankeney about a month ago

Will tickets be given out each morning or will they all be given out for both days tomorrow Nathan Hanneman?

Rob Wood Burning Richmond about a month ago

is there any photo ops let with JDM ? Saturday

Setse Ccamber about a month ago

Wish I knew he was ONLY doing photo ops instead of regular photos you can take yourself at their table. Sucks when your limited on funds and it isn't really fair to know NOW that he doesn't do photos you take yourself like others do at their table. 100$ is outrageous but thats how others make money I suppose. Maybe next year will be different.

Cecilin Pauley about a month ago

So, this may be a dumb question, but due to me not feeling well last night, I missed the 7:30 line que for JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN because I left early... will I have to get another line que ticket?

Kyle Wells about a month ago

Eddie Hagerty Chris Hagerty We are gonna have to get their super early Sunday morning. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Sarah Keith about a month ago

I forgot to order my duplicate print and digital print for JDM. Does anyone know if these can be purchased today?

Ashlee Obermeyer about a month ago

Is this with the photo op? Or is it just for autographs? Cause don't they usually do bundles when you are getting the pic

Ash Leigh about a month ago

Does anyone know what time you can buy photo op? I need a photo op for Sunday

Cameron Stephenson about a month ago

Guys have fun was on my way there bad car wreck see you guys next year

Christina Marie about a month ago

Tyler Markowski in case Ashley hasn't seen this yet

Angie Hall McGuire about a month ago

How is this system working? Did everyone in line seem to get a ticket?

Ashley Morris about a month ago

How much is he charging for autograph?

Justin Goldblatt about a month ago

So my ticket says be in the room at 7 but don't the doors close at 7?

Megan Hatfield about a month ago

Any word on limits of number of items we can get signed?

Amber Gosser about a month ago

Wish I could have stayed and seen him today :(

Joe Thompson about a month ago

So does the line outside start at entrance a or b?

Jackie Keyes-Whalen about a month ago

Is there line ticket queue for other ones or just him???

Andrea Joy Backus about a month ago

Can I ask how much autographs r

Nick Puma about a month ago

Where will the tickets be?

Jeff Marcy about a month ago

Is he gonna be at Indiana in sept 2017

Ash Leigh about a month ago

Can you buy Sunday photo ops today ???

Justin Goldblatt about a month ago

Does the ticket cost anything?

Eddie Hagerty about a month ago

Brandon Bell

Danielle Couffon about a month ago

Rachel Hall Jackie Davies

Shawna Pairan about a month ago

NaTausha Sims