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We are thrilled to announce that NICK KING is set to attend HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis – this September 8-10th, 2017 at the Indianapolis Marriott East Conference Center.

Nick King is a stuntman and actor having worked in various feature films over the past decade. Most horror fans will know him best as his role in 2012's SINISTER and its sequel, SINISTER 2 – in which he portrayed the spooky character of "Bughuul" (or "Mr. Boogie," if you will) ... Other films Nick King has worked on includes Paranormal Activity 3, Mercy, Green Hornet, Fantastic Four, and Max Keeble's Big Move. As a special aspect of Nick's appearance at HHW – he will be donning the Boogie costume for a limited offering of Prof. Photo Ops! Keep an eye on www.HorrorHoundWeekend.com and the HHW Facebook page for more details of this killer op, as it's made available.

Tickets for HorrorHound Weekend are NOW AVAILABLE at early bird discount pricing. Look for prices to increase this Summer. But before that happens – save some cash – visit www.horrorhoundweekend.com and secure your passes today! Share - and tell your friends!

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Tiffany Ferguson 2 months ago

Jason B. Ferguson.....This photo op would be freaking awesome!!! I think we need to go😊 I loved this movie and the Mr Boogie character!! That music in it was so creepy. I loved it!!! They should play it during the photo op😂😂

Mike Flasch 2 months ago

Holy crap a costume photo op! Thats badass. Take my wallet. I mean you guys normally take everything in it anyways lol but its worth it.

Melissa Newton-Davis 2 months ago

This would be SO cool! I was surprised how much I enjoyed Sinister & Mr Boogie.

Patrick Jennings 2 months ago

Dustin -- we should take Lauren to meet Mr. Boogie!

Becky Abelove 2 months ago

Met him back in 2014 :)

Melissa Sutton Manzana 2 months ago

Sinister one and two scares the piss out of me 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Danielle Foreman 2 months ago

Michael not that we can do it but I think we'd die.

Chuck Ryan 2 months ago

Thank you Horrorhound for making this happen!

Sarah Bennett 2 months ago


Marty Alderman-Phillips 2 months ago

Omg. The photo op is going to be so fun.

Rex Sharpe 2 months ago

Beth Sharpe you gonna get a pic with Mr Boogie?

Shane Bushorn 2 months ago


Antonio Magana 2 months ago

Angelica Marie u need to do the costume photo op

Joy Paradine 2 months ago

Where is Quin Lord?

Britnee Colleen about a month ago

Sabrina Roldan your boyfrienddddd

Bob Schumacher 2 months ago

Anthony Steven Malave😱

Joanna Rose 2 months ago

Eric James Danowski

Tonya Purcell 2 months ago

Casey Bergner Bonnie Purcell

Theresa Stamper 2 months ago

Emily Stamper

Violet Sachen-Hoover 2 months ago

Jason Brown

Whisper Harris 2 months ago

Sean Pemberton

Jesse Bates 2 months ago

Patrick Dean Baxter