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How about we get some more HHW guests announced this week? We are thrilled to reveal that MITCH PILEGGI is set to appear at HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis – September 8-10th – at the Marriott Conference Center @ Indy Marriott East!

Mitch Pileggi will be making his first appearance at HHW Indianapolis this September – coming off his returning role as "Walter Skinner" in The X-Files. Mitch has a long history of film and television roles (including the various X-Files feature films) ... for horror fans, he is known as "Horace Pinker" from Wes Craven's Shocker. Or maybe TV fanatics remember him most as "Harris Ryland" or "Morrisey" on Dallas – or as "Ernest Darby" on Sons of Anarchy – or how about "Samuel Campbell" on Supernatural? ... Mitch has appeared in such films as The Girl in the Photographs, Return of the Living Dead Part II, Three O'Clock High, Basic Instinct, Vampire in Brooklyn, and Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. On television, you could have seen Mitch in such shows as Stargate: Atlantis, The Lone Gunmen, Medium, Grey's Anatomy, Tarzan, The Mountain – or as the voice of "James Gordon" in The Batman (2005). ...

*Mitch is the third name to be announced who will be line-cut accessible for VIPs (along with Ryan Hurst and James Marsters). Look for more killer guest reveals in the coming weeks!

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Alonna Edwards 5 days ago

Marissa Emery it's Grandpa Samuel...I believe this line up is getting to be better than Cincy lol

Jeremy Zink 7 days ago

Sweet! Thanks for the birthday present! See you guys at the show!

Christopher Brandon 6 days ago

He looks like the repair guy who was working on my neighbors tv just before they.....hey wait a minute....

Robert Luciano 7 days ago

Hell yes.u squeeze gillian and David and I'm dead lol

Joe Ring 6 days ago

Didn't he play in an episode of criminal minds

Eric Fields 7 days ago

Welp. I'll be going now. Love Mitch.

Jason Mathews 6 days ago

Rick, may be something for you to look into

Keith Trujillo 7 days ago

Alisha Cornwell

Brandon Bell 7 days ago

Cody Lee

Cierra Stein 7 days ago

Lindsay Ashley Abby Ford

Michael Janney 7 days ago

Zach Jameson

Gina Mink 7 days ago


Dave Frevert 6 days ago

Jj Coot

Pat Mitchell 6 days ago

Erin Mitchell

Trishia Watson 7 days ago

Jason Watson