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We are thrilled to reveal the next confirmed guest scheduled to appear at HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis – September 8-10th – at the Marriott Conference Center @ Indy Marriott East! ... BROOKE SMITH!

Brooke Smith most recently appeared on the A&E hit series BATES MOTEL as "Sheriff Jane Greene" in the show's final season. But most keen-eyed horror fans will recognize Brooke for her role as the kidnapped "Catherine Martin" in the 1991 Oscar winning feature film SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Brooke has appeared in numerous feature films and television series over the years, including Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, Labor Day, The Man Who Wasn't There, Random Hearts, Bosch (TV), Ray Donovan, Grey's Anatomy, Weeds, Crossing Jordan, Six Feet Under, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Law & Order, and American Horror Story.

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Melissa Westmoreland 4 days ago

May I humbly request Ted Levine, so we can have a tiny Silence of the Lambs reunion?

Kay Hall 4 days ago

More importantly to me, she had a small role in the second season of my beloved American Horror Story.

Kristina Lakey 5 days ago

Bary! It's Catherine from Silence of the Lambs!

Melissa Sutton Manzana 5 days ago

It puts the lotion on its skin!!! Or it gets the hose 😂

Andrew D. Purdy 5 days ago


Belinda McKay 5 days ago


Zach Thompson 3 days ago

Wait...was she a great big fat person?

Melissa Sutton Manzana 3 days ago

Cole Younger 5 days ago

Stormy Lynn'Rezack Sabo she's in greys

Angie Gypsy Nowling 5 days ago

Jim Tackett, Weeds

Heather Sanders-Williams 5 days ago

Julia Ashcraft

Anissa Dobzynecki 5 days ago

Stephanie Lance Young

Zoe English 5 days ago

Earl English

Cesar Ortiz 5 days ago

Robert Luciano

Justin Nichols 5 days ago

Zach Cooper

Sean Watson 5 days ago

Scott Fisher

Cameron Custer 5 days ago

Tessa Rae Tabrizi