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Unearthed Classics Presents ... The Unnamable

  • Nathan_HorrorHound
  • 11 days ago
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Stephen Biro, CEO of Unearthed Films presents an all-new home video label set to focus on the forgotten gems of yesteryear ... Unearthed Classics! Starting October 9th, Unearthed Classics will release their first Blu-ray and DVD release, ... the 1988 horror film THE UNNAMABLE! Restored in beautiful 4K, color corrected...

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Danielle Harris Added to HHW

  • Nathan_HorrorHound
  • 3 months ago
  • 0

We are happy to announce that DANIELLE HARRIS will be joining us later this month at HorrorHound Weekend: Cincinnati. It was pointed out to us that Danielle Harris has not attended a HorrorHound Weekend event in Cincinnati since 2010(!!??) ... Danielle is a fan fave and horror icon – so we...

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First Look at New Slasher: Don't Look

  • Nathan_HorrorHound
  • 3 months ago
  • 0

The first feature film for Latina director Luciana Faulhaber, Don’t Look, has been acquired by Wild Eye Releasing. A slasher horror feature with touches of dark humor, newcomer Faulhaber injects current events into the traditional horror genre tropes. "It was important for me to create work that shows the female characters as they are in...

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Holliston-Part 1-Graphic Novel Review

  • bnapier
  • 7 months ago
  • 0

by Dr. Michelle ContyAdam Green’s semi-autobiographical television series has been turned into a graphic novel. In the story, main characters wannabe filmmakers Adam and Joe desperately want to throw a big Halloween party, it’s THEIR Christmas after all, but they don’t have any money.  As the pair walk home after shooting...

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  • 2 days ago
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Hey Hounds! Jessica Dwyer from HorrorHound here! Check out my latest review for this months Shout Factory/Scream Factory release The Midnight Man. While two legends of the genre make this film better, it doesn't quite live up to what it could have been.

  • 2 days ago
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One more announcement today! ... We are excited to announce that Jackson Robert Scott has been added to the guest list for HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis, taking place at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis this August 24-26th!Jackson Robert Scott portrayed in infamous "Georgie" in last year's mega hit horror film,

  • 3 days ago
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You know what's coming next ... We are excited to announce that Wyatt Oleff has been added to the guest list for HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis, taking place at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis this August 24-26th!Wyatt Oleff played the character of "Stanley Uris" in last year's epic hit, IT!

  • Friday, January 26
    Primal Rage

  • Friday, January 19
    The Midnight Man
    Mom and Dad

  • Friday, January 5
    Insidious: The Last... Key
    Devil’s Gate
    Day of the Dead: Bl...oodline

  • Friday, February 23
    The Lodgers

  • Friday, March 16
    Demon House

  • Friday, March 9
    The Strangers: Prey... at Night

  • Friday, March 2
    The Lullaby

  • Friday, April 20
    Ghost Stories

  • Friday, April 13
    Bus Party To Hell
    Gonjiam: Haunted As...ylum

  • Friday, April 6
    The Endless

  • Tuesday, April 3
    But Deliver Us From... Evil

  • Friday, May 18
    Anders Manor

  • Friday, May 11

  • Friday, June 8

  • Friday, June 1

  • Friday, July 27
    The Row

  • Friday, July 20
    Unfriended: Dark We...b

  • Friday, July 13
    Hotel Transylvania ...3: Summer Vacation

  • Wednesday, July 4
    The First Purge

  • Friday, August 31
    Boarding School

  • Friday, August 24

  • August TBA
    Puppet Master: The ...Littlest Reich

  • Friday, September 28

  • Friday, September 14
    The Predator

  • Friday, September 7
    The Nun

  • Friday, October 19

  • Friday, November 30
    Untitled Sony/H Col...lective Horror

  • Friday, December 7
    The Silence

1 - A Quiet Place 


2 - Insidious: The Last Key 


3 - Hereditary 


4 - The Strangers: Prey at Night 


5 - Get Out 


6 - But Deliver Us From Evil 


7 - Ghost Stories 


8 - Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum 


9 - Gray Matter 


11 - Death House 


12 - The Cured 


13 - Koroshiya 1 


14 - Blood Feast 


15 - The Lodgers 


17 - El Secreto de Marrowbone 


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