HorrorHound Weekend FilmFest


BLOCK 1 (Friday, 4pm – 6pm)

CARAVAN (short, Australia)
Caravan is a cautionary tale which follows a young family on a road-trip. As night falls the family pull in for a routine rest-stop where their caravan is invaded by a malevolent intruder.

FAMILY POSSESSIONS (feature, South Carolina)
A young girl, Rachael Dunn, inherits the mansion of her estranged grandmother Albertha Dunn. Rachael and her family move into the house to start a new life but once there, strange and unexplained occurrences begin to happen. Rachael uncovers a secret that had been hidden from her and she soon realizes that some family secrets should remain...buried.

BLOCK 2 (Friday 6pm – 8pm)

2AM (short, Australia)
A middle aged man Alex awakens in his quarters to find a white rabbit beside his bed who then suddenly hops through a closed door. Scared and fascinated by how the rabbit got into his room and out through a closed door Alex gets up and leaves his room to follow the rabbit. Once he opens the door and steps out into the hallways of the asylum very unusual and supernatural events begin to unfold right in front of OUR eyes.

RED MAZE (short, Illinois)
Life is a series of choices... until things get out of hand. On the verge of losing his family, a struggling boxer breaks into an apartment complex to score quick cash and makes an ill-fated discovery that forces him into a dangerous confrontation.

YOUR DATE IS HERE (short California)
After dusting off an old Mystery Date-style board game, a mother and daughter realize the game holds more evil than amusement.

SLASHER.COM (feature, California)
At a time where online dating could prove fatal, Jack and Kristy decide they’re ready meet in person. Aiming for an adventurous first date, they plan a weekend getaway to the woodlands of rural Missouri. While discovering each other, they soon learn of the terrorizing horrors that the forest has in store.

BLOCK 3 (Friday, 8pm – 10pm) – Buckeye Block (Films made in Ohio)

MOTHER’S MILK (short, Ohio)
Two sisters get together for an evening and are terrorized by masked men with a certain desire.

WILLOW FALLS (short, Ohio)
A woman tormented by strange nightmares returns to her rural home where family secrets and her overbearing mother seem to control her destiny.

SILENT RING (short, Ohio)
A man who finally gives in and buys his first mobile phone finds himself haunted by a memory he can't quite recall.

ANIMAL AMONG US (feature, Ohio)
Fifteen years ago, two teenage girls were murdered at Merrymaker Campgrounds. The case was filed an animal attack, the camp was condemned and the killer never found - but something horrific still waits in those woods.

BLOCK 4 (Friday, 10 pm – 12 pm)

MONSTERS (short, California)
Jenn lives in an underground bunker with her family, protected from the monsters that now ravage the world. This is the day that she goes outside…

A DARK SONG (feature, U.K.) – IFC Midnight
A determined young woman and a damaged occultist risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that will grant them what they want.

BLOCK 5 (Friday, 12pm – 2am)

INTO THE DARK (short, New York)
Two men, strapped in back to back, on a journey from Moon to Earth. Real Justice. Just Reality.

REMNANTS (short, Arizona)
Two homicide detectives and a medical examiner are dispatched to handle the worst crime scene in a suburban neighborhood’s history. Among the remains of a butchered family, the detectives find evidence of a crime so horrific that remnants of an unspeakable evil still lurk in the home.

DEMON HUNTER (feature, Ireland) – HorrorHound Film Fest’s Midnight Monster Movie
After surviving a demonic possession that should have killed her and consumed her soul during a satanic ritual, Taryn Barker is rescued by a team of demon hunters and trained to fight evil. Years later she is detained by police and questioned over the murder of a man who she believes to be a demon. As the bodies pile up Detective Beckett is caught in a game of cat and mouse with occultist Eskerin Falstaff and is forced to seek the aid of homicide suspect Taryn Barker in rescuing his daughter from Falstaff's demonic cult. Running against the clock Taryn must venture into the darkest depths of the city to save Beckett's daughter and prevent a potential Hell on Earth.

BLOCK 6 (Saturday, 11am – 1pm)

NIRWANA BLOSSOM (short, Germany)
Nineteen-year-old Bender is finding himself in a difficult situation. He lives in a boring neighbourhood of a boring suburb. His parents are not on speaking terms with each other. His only silver linings are his brother Thomas and his girlfriend Sesil. With the arrival of a mysterious parcel for his mother, things are getting strange and everything changes. The people around Bender start to act weird. They become others. At the beginning Bender manages to avoid contact with these “others“, but when Sesil starts to change, she faces him with a decision.

THE WICKED ONE (feature, Kentucky)
This is the story of Colin Miller, the most prolific and dangerous serial killer of all time, whose blood thirst began at a young age. Spending years in an institution, he bided his time until the moment was right for him to escape; which he did just in time to make it to a Halloween horror fest (Wicked Fest). There, he terrorizes a group of unsuspecting friends.

BLOCK 7 (Saturday, 1pm – 3pm)

WHITE DRIFT (short, Maine)
A drifter arrives in a small Maine town, suffering from the symptoms of withdrawal. When a local waitress takes an interest in him, she soon realizes that he's not an addict, but instead a werewolf beginning his transformation.

THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER (feature, Canada), A24
A deeply atmospheric and terrifying new horror film, The Blackcoat’s Daughter centers on Kat (Kiernan Shipka) and Rose (Lucy Boynton), two girls who are left alone at their prep school Bramford over winter break when their parents mysteriously fail to pick them up. While the girls experience increasingly strange and creepy occurrences at the isolated school, we cross cut to another story—that of Joan (Emma Roberts), a troubled young woman on the road, who, for unknown reasons, is determined to get to Bramford as fast as she can. As Joan gets closer to the school, Kat becomes plagued by progressively intense and horrifying visions, with Rose doing her best to help her new friend as she slips further and further into the grasp of an unseen evil force. The movie suspensefully builds to the moment when the two stories will finally intersect, setting the stage for a shocking and unforgettable climax.

BLOCK 8 (Saturday, 3pm to 5pm)

MONSTER SQUAD presented by Nite Owl Theater and Fritz The Nite Owl
The 30th Anniversary of the 1987 hit. Fritz The Nite Owl, multi Emmy Award winning horror host from Columbus, Ohio, will present this tale of a group of young monster fanatics who have to save their hometown from Dracula and his entourage of classic monsters!

BLOCK 9 (Saturday, 5pm to 7pm)

HIM INDOORS (short, U.K.)
Gregory Brewster is a serial killer, only problem is, he's agoraphobic.

HIDDEN DAYLIGHT (short, New York)
We follow a distraught businessman after his wife is abducted by the sadistic Hacksaw Killer. In desperation, the businessman turns to a blind psychic who can see through the killer's eyes. As their strange meeting unfolds, the psychic envisions the night of the kidnapping and provides vital clues to help the businessman solve the mystery... but the answers he seeks may come at a deadly price. Taut, compelling, and full of Hitchcockian suspense, HIDDEN DAYLIGHT takes us on a harrowing journey into the darkest depths of the mind of a madman.

WHO’S WATCHING OLIVER (feature, Thailand)
Who’s Watching Oliver tells the story of a mentally unstable loner lost in a life forced upon him. By night Oliver aimlessly wanders the streets and bars on what can only be described as a truly shocking and humiliating killing spree. His only savior and possible way out of a life he is desperate to escape comes in the form of the beautiful Sophia with her sweet eccentricity and naivety to the danger she has put herself in.

BLOCK 10 (Saturday, 8pm – 10:30pm)

INTERSTELLAR CIVIL WAR (feature, California), World Premiere w/ Q&A
The film takes place in the far in the future, when the known universe has lived as a federation known as the Imperial Empire. For 10,000 years the Imperial Empire has collectively thrived. But now, there is a growing rebellion in the tribal regions at the edge of the Empire. The film opens 72 hours before the start of a civil war. And at this time, the ruler of the Imperial Empire, Empress No-Bu, has gone missing. An ancient all female Order of the Bu-Tess, meets secretly to trigger their plan to crush the rebellion. As part of that plan, the elite special ops military unit is sent to blunt the rebels’ initial attack. A specially created Bu-Tess bio cyborg spy has been able to embed herself into the rebel command. She gains critical information and knows only by volunteering to be in the first rebel wave can she escape rebel lines and make it back to Imperial territory when the rebels launch ground attacks. As the war breaks out with staggering losses on both sides, the cyborg, Leah C6, escapes the rebel lines but is hotly pursued by rebel assassins. The Star Warfare Units are ordered to rescue Leah C6 somewhere on the battle scarred planet.

BLOCK 11 (Saturday, 10:30pm – 12:15am)

VESSEL (short, Illinois)
A young woman must purge herself from a demon before she loses her sanity.

THE DEVIL’S CANDY (feature, California), IFC Midnight
A not-so-average family wrestles with Satan in a house from hell in this heavy metal-charged shocker from the director of The Loved Ones. Diehard metalhead and struggling artist Jesse (Ethan Embry) moves with his wife (Shiri Appleby) and daughter (Kiara Glasco) to a middle-of-nowhere Texas town, unaware that the new house they got for an unbelievable deal comes with a grisly history. Disturbing demonic goings-on culminate with the appearance of Ray (The Walking Dead’s Pruitt Taylor Vince). He’s the home’s former resident, and he’s here to do the Devil’s bidding. The cranked-to-eleven soundtrack blasts Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, and a thunderous original score by doom rock legends Sunn O))).

BLOCK 12 (Saturday, 12:15am – 2:00am) – Late Night Laughs

THE CALL OF CHARLIE (short, Rhode Island)
A trendy Los Angeles couple sets up a blind date for two of their friends, one of whom is an ancient evil deity vibrating with pure malice. Unfortunately, on the evening of the rendezvous, two interlopers unexpectedly arrive at dinner to make the situation all the more awkward. A macabre comedy of manners, influenced by Luis Buñuel, David Lynch and/or H.P. Lovecraft. Alternately amusing and disturbing.

CONNIE (short, U.K.)
Wannabe stand-up Dolly Diggs suffers from stage fright. To overcome her fear, she plans to become a ventriloquist and thinks she’s found just the puppet to help. Enter bold, brassy, sassy and sickening, the sequinned killer under two feet tall, Connie. But Connie is no ordinary puppet… She’s a living doll. As Dolly and Connie take the London comedy scene by storm, Connie begins to take over Dolly’s life. Meeting fellow ventriloquist, Ollie Bloom, Dolly is encouraged to leave Connie behind and go solo, making it a supernatural bitch fight to the end.

LEATHERFACE IN LOVE (short, Massachusetts)
Love is not shallow. There is someone for everyone.

2% EVIL (short, Texas)
When Kelly takes a new job teaching in Tempah, TX, she finds herself unhinging the town's meatiest, most chilling secret. And everyone is in on it; except for her.

The story of three gorgeous space travelers who encounter trouble and need to refuel their ship. Thankfully, they land on Earth. Thankfully, they meet a young, awkward, ambitious guy named Charlie. Thankfully, the thing they need to refuel their ship is the one thing this planet has an abundance of … sexual energy. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Well, the only problem is the archenemies of the Space Babes, the Scrotes, are hot on their tails and will stop at nothing until they get their fleshy little mits on the girls … any girls, or that matter. Can the girls entice the needed energy? Can Charlie rise to the occasion?

BLOCK 13 (Sunday 11am – 1pm), International Shorts Block

LIKE (short, Italy)
A mysterious serial killer hosts a macabre show, where he tries and executes his victims in live streaming., leaving the final verdict in the hands of the Net public, which can decide to kill or spare the victim with simples " Like ".

FILS (short, Luxembourg)
Sébastien, who cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma, begins to question his reality.

SUFFER (short, Canada)
An ageing teacher confined to a hospital for the criminally insane reveals the sinister plot that provoked her violent actions.

A FATHER’S DAY (short, U.K.)
Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter amongst the ruins of the world as they knew it, a father is determined to make this day special, even if they are already dead.

SKINNY DAYS: “ALL RIGHT NOW” (music video, Norway)
The story of five people in an abandoned factory in Poland. When an old man suddenly enters nothing will ever be the same. This psychotic and gross video is the collaboration between a Swedish director, the Norwegian band Skinny Days and a Polish film crew. This is the band Skinny Days first single but even though their music is far away from horror, not even the bands from the Norwegian black metal scene made videos like this.

REM (Short, New Zealand)
Gail Morris is lonely. She lost her husband in a tragic work accident a year ago and now she’s in a solitary job working as a security guard. When she comes across Joseph, a homeless man scribbling madness on the cold, concrete walls of a bunker she thinks nothing of it. But Gail soon learns that Joseph wasn’t always a broken, tormented man. He used to be a neuro scientist trying to save the lives of those doomed with Alzheimers. But his rogue experiments led to his downfall and afflicted him with an unbearable curse. His scribblings are recollections of the nightmarish predictions he sees in his sleep. Gail sets out to help him and to turn his curse into a gift that will save lives. But not all lives can be saved. And not all dreams are free.

THE RAT’S DILEMMA (short, Israel)
In the Holocaust, a gifted Jewish physicist named Rudolph is forced to build a teleporter for the Nazis. Rudolph keeps telling his Nazi supervisor Heinz that the machine doesn’t work yet, but Heinz suspects Rudolph is hiding something. As Heinz is determined to squeeze the truth out by any means necessary, Rudolph soon has to face the dilemma of his life.

BALLOON (short, Russia)
On the roadside of a country road…a parked car. A lonely man unsuccessfully tries to fix the breakage, refusing the help of passing drivers. Who is that man? And, what does he want?
But don`t worry, he`ll get it done; and, you`re welcome to the unexpected and cruel finale.

INSANIA (short, California)
Nobody said growing up was easy. Willow Palko (Brittany Rachelle Smith) a stressed out college student, who is recently recovering from a breakup, agrees to cover a shift in the hospital’s morgue where she works part time. Alone and afraid, Willow watches over a corpse that was brought in under unexplained circumstances until all hell breaks loose. How long would you survive the night?

SHELL (short, Germany)
A bleak hellscape, unadorned or embellished by any false sentiment that would blunt the depravity of the disease. In this barren purgatory, the cancer is made flesh and draws its deviant satisfaction from spreading the seed of its corruption. Unfeeling yet enraptured by the spread of its effects, the disease stalks its prey and with a final act of sacrifice, becomes death itself and embraces its unknowing victim in their shared destruction. Death is a disease, growing from the inside beneath the Shell. Cursed blessings trickling down tubes, pushing hope through weak veins. Waiting for blissful Heaven to return. Heaven is Hell.

BLOCK 14 (Sunday, 1pm to 3pm) – Sunday with Sasquatch (Part 1)

UNTO DEATH (short, U.K.)
A priest struggles with his faith after something seemingly impossible happens to his partner.

IT WANTS TO BE BORN (short, Canada)
Following a traumatic incident, a young woman embarks on a journey of sex, violence, and self-discovery.

THE CONTACTOR (short, Minnesota)
The Contractor has one very special job, but something spooky is about to interfere.

LOOP (short, Indiana)
With nearly 500 hours of video uploaded to the Internet every minute competing for their share of 4 billion video views each day, the dream of instant fame becomes a deadly nightmare for a group of young people eager create the next viral sensation.

BOGGY CREEK MONSTER (documentary, Ohio)
"The true story behind one of the most infamous American legends ever recorded. Boggy Creek Monster centers around the stories that inspired the famed Charles B Pierce-directed, 1972 horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek. The subject has been re-visited by multiple, campy horror films; however, the reality behind the Fouke Monster sightings has never been documented. With author and television personality, Lyle Blackburn, as the guide, the Boggy Creek legend is brought to vivid life in this feature-length documentary film."

BLOCK 15 (Sunday, 3pm – 5pm) – Sunday with Sasquatch (Part 2)

"The story takes place in a small Ukrainian village in a hot summer. Three friends become witnesses of the UFO crash on the outskirts of their village. Something get out from the crashed ship and hide in the old unfinished house terrorizing the villagers. There begins a stand between three friends and the aliens from the house on the outskirts.

THE BIG F (feature, Michigan)
It's Valentine's Day and Bigfoot is on the loose and looking for a mate! Jenny is house sitting when her cousin convinces her to have a get together. It's not long after that Bigfoot enters the cul-de-sac, leaving the neighborhood residents to defend their street from the beast!