Posted 7 days ago by Horrorhound Weekend

GUEST UPDATE: Unfortunately – we received word that Christian Serratos will no longer be able to attend HHW due to work. She feels terrible and will do her best to make an appearance at a later event! We do have some more event and guest information coming soon – just keep an eye on the official HHW Facebook page and www.horrorhoundweekend.com.

by: Horrorhound Weekend


Jamie Meyer 7 days ago

Shawnee Smith and Cary Elwes so that we could have a Jigsaw killer reunion from the Saw franchise!!!

John Golovich 7 days ago

I don't know why she evens signs these contracts. Seems she cancels more than she shows up.

Kasey Rená Anderson 7 days ago

Micki Hannah-Anderson 😫😫 but hopefully josh McDermitt will replace her

Tara Lee Frank 7 days ago

I wish Norman could make it but I bet he'll still be filming his other show. 😞 Last year was the first year I could go & it was the year he wasn't there. We met the other TWD characters though. Michael Cudlitz was SOOOO nice! Would love to see him or Steven Yeun there this year.

Jared Johnson 7 days ago

No Walking Dead people

Tommy Bertram 7 days ago

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Josh Petry 7 days ago

It'd be great if you could bring in Scott Wilson as a replacement 😁

Jarod Scott Urban 7 days ago

Walking dead is overrated anyways.

Justin A. Haines 7 days ago

Can you please get Jean Claude Van Damme so i can get a Ray Jackson and Frank Dux photo op?

Jerry Mastin 7 days ago

Nice again it's OK I think she don't care about fans. I gone to 3 different cons and she cancelled

Dave Meunier 7 days ago

Seconding josh mcdermitt, jeffrey dean morgan, and leslie easterbrook!

Jamie Meyer 7 days ago

Malcolm McDowell, Lou Temple, Brian Posehn, Leslie Easterbrook, Mathew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich

Melissa Westmoreland 7 days ago

Vera Farmiga

Antonio Magana 7 days ago

Please try for steven yeun

Nick Buck 7 days ago

Replace her with Steven Yeun!

Todd McKee 7 days ago

What about the rest of the Revenge of the Nerds cast?

Alex Spradlin 7 days ago

Steven Yuen

Josh RLee 7 days ago

Any news on a Monster Squad photo op?

Susan Switzer 7 days ago

Danny Trejo!!!

Jason Watson 7 days ago

Michael cudliz

Jerry Mastin 7 days ago

Get Jeffries negan or Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln

Courtney Solis 7 days ago

Add Courtney Gains😄

Lillian Brooks 7 days ago

Heather Anglin well that's upsetting

Jamie Meyer 5 days ago

We need this for March

Jeremy Dick 7 days ago

Dammit, I was looking forward to seeing her there.