Tuesday, May 26 2020
Jason Hignite Film Festival Director

Jason grew up a monster kid, watching Scooby Doo and Groovie Goolies. His love of horror was a direct result of late night, horror hosted programming … Fritz the Nite Owl, Sammy Terry, and Dr. Creep. He spent years involved in horror theater and working in seasonal haunted attractions, even directing the stage adaptation of Dracula. He was a vendor at the first HorrorHound Weekend in 2007. In 2008, he got involved in the Dark Carnival Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana. Soon thereafter, Jason began writing for HorrorHound Magazine, covering indie horror as a representative of Dark Carnival. In 2012, Jason collaborated with Cassandra Peterson, teaming HorrorHound with Elvira’s HorrorHunt, a film festival competition.

Indie Horrors Secret Seven - Jason Hignite

David Pruett Program Manager

David Pruett is a professional video editor who studied cinema history at Indiana University. His professional relationship with movies goes back more than 20 years, when he wrote film reviews for the Ball State Univeristy daily newspaper. Since then, he has written about movies, and produced, acted in, and done special effects for nearly a dozen film projects. David has spent more than a decade producing local genre film festivals, and has also worked with several national travelling film fests, including the Manhattan Short Film Festival and the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Dr. Michelle Conty Events Manager

Dr, Conty has been fascinated by the old movie monsters since she was a kid. However, it was during graduate school, while studying film making, that she became addicted to gore and hooked on Splatterpunk. Michelle is currently a film and media professor. She is also the Executive Director of Sans Tache Productions, a film company specializing in horror. Furthermore, she is the Events Manager for Horrorhound Film Festival, moderates the Independent Film Maker Panel, and is a staff writer for the magazine. Michelle is always looking for more to do in film.

Audrey DeadRedd Lane Operations Manager

An avid lover of horror and sci-fi from an early age, Audery spent weekends staying up late to watch Sammy Terry or going to the local drive-in. Video stores provided a constant source to get her horror fix. As a teen, she broadened her love of horror/sci-fi to include books, music and art and often wrote horror related short stories and poems. As an adult, she continued to write for and worked briefly with Examiner.com reviewing music and movies. After attending her first HorrorHound Weekend in 2011, Audery immediately hooked up with fellow female horror lovers and began podcasting in 2012. In 2013, she began the website and podcast HorriFi- dedicated to all aspects of independent horror and sci-fi. Audery began working with the HorrorHound Film Festival as a volunteer in 2012. In 2015, she began working on the film fest selection committee and a writer for the magazine in 2016.

Brigid Macaulay Publicity Manager

Brigid grew up a fan of paranormal and supernatural movies and TV shows. Poltergeist, The Exorcist, Charmed, and The Craft were among some of her favorites. In 2009, she was involved in her first acting role in a horror movie, and she has been working steadily ever since. Professionally, she has spent nearly two decades in promotion, marketing, and business management. Brigid heads up Promotions for H2F2 and is also in charge of HorrorHound’s promotional street-team. Her team promotes all things HorrorHound Film Fest throughout our conventions, as well as at other events. The team has also provided promotional efforts for A24, IFC Midnight, and FOXTV.
“Best Supporting Actress 2017” – The Tavern of Terror

Brian Napier Media Director

Fascinated with the classic slasher films of the 1980s, Brian K. Napier started learning everything he could about film from cinematography to practical special effects. Brian started his film career in the early 90s as a video editor, shooting and editing projects part-time on VHS camcorders and eventually moving on to digital cinema. Brian is a Navy Special Operations Veteran, a former FBI Engineer, a SCUBA diving instructor, and underwater videography and photography instructor. After completing his film degree, he founded Sans Tache Productions in 2014 and has worked on more than twenty film projects. Brian is the Horrorhound Film Fest Media Director, as well as a staff writer and film reviewer.

Zoe Kavanagh U.K. Associate

Zoe is a Dublin, Ireland based director. In 2006, Zoe began directing music videos for renowned artists such as Doom Metal pioneers My Dying Bride, Swedish Alt-rock band Khoma right up to successful goth rock bands The Birthday Massacre, Clan of Xymox among many others. During this period, Zoe collaborated with other renowned filmmakers such as Jason Figgis as camera operator on his feature 'Don't You Remember Me' and various other short films. Her debut feature film 'Demon Hunter' has won over 15 awards worldwide including Best Director (Fright Night Film Fest) and Best Director (Horrorhound film fest 2017).

  • Thomas Knox: Crew Manager
  • Branden Yates: Crew Manager
  • Chris Wolf: Security Manager
  • George Lane: Security Manager
  • Jason Crowe: Outreach
  • Roni Jonah: Outreach
  • Dan Brownlie: U.K. Outreach