Wednesday, Sep 28 2022

14 September

Universal Halloween Horror Nights

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HALLOWEEN HORRORNIGHTSBY JESSICA DWYER Halloween Horror Nights returned to Universal Studios inHollywood for the first week in September, officially kicking off the Halloweenseason.  This was my first visit to the event,and I was beyond excited for it as it was a packed house…or should I sayhaunted house. Universal went above and beyond

8 September

Allegoria - Spider One Interview

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Allegoria - Spider One InterviewBy Jessica DwyerAllegoria is a return to the twistending and cautionary tale anthologies of old.  But there's a connectivetissue between the stories that adds another layer to this blood soaked storiesof tortured (literally) artists and characters that dwell within.Spider One has written and directeda creepy, effective

24 August

The Invitation Interview

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We Hope You Can AttendThe InvitationBy Jessica DwyerThe Invitation is, without spoiling anything, a vampirefilm.  This was made obvious from the trailer.  But the film itself has a lot more going onthan you may think and uses the vampire genre in a way that’s fantastic tobehold.  I really enjoyed what

1 August

FRIGHT NIGHT: The Stage Production

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FRIGHT NIGHT: THE STAGE PRODUCTIONAn Interview with Erynn Dalton • by Michael Miller“Welcome to Fright Night”With those opening words, Peter Vincent, actor and host of Fright Night, a late-night TV program focusing on B horror movies of the past (such as Octaman, which features one of Rick Baker’s first creations!), graciously

1 August

Celebrate Halloween (And Christmas) – The Disney Way!

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It's that time of year again ... when Disney starts to unleash their Halloween ... errr, Christmas decor!?Fans of Disney – particularly the Disney Parks (Disneyland, Walt Disney World) have keen eyes when it comes to new merchandise being released at the parks, and subsequently online at Over the

18 May


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SUPERNATURAL THRILLER “THEY WAIT IN THE DARK” FINISHES POST-PRODUCTIONSmart Mouth Productions announces post-production is complete on The Wait in the Dark, the latest feature from celebrated indie horror film director/writer Patrick Rea (I Am Lisa, Arbor Demon, Nailbiter). Rea's latest film was shot in the summer of 2021 entirely on

8 March

Check out the trailers for the spring HorrorHound Film Festival

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HorrorHound Weeekend returns to the Sharonville Convention Center March 25-27! With a stacked lineup that features celebrities, fans, vendors, exhibits, after hours entertainment, and many more frights, the HorrorHound Film Festival returns for three stellar days of genre programming featuring filmmakers, Q&As, panel workshops, a virtual film market, 8 feature films,

25 February

Adam Green to Receive ICON Award at HorrorHound Weekend

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Adam Green to Receive ICON Award at HorrorHound WeekendCEREMONY TO TAKE PLACE FRIDAY (MARCH 25th) STARTING AT 8PMCINCINNATI, OH – Adam Green will receive the “Icon Achievement Award” at HorrorHound Weekend during the upcoming Cincinnati, Ohio-based event, taking place March 25-27th, 2022, at the Sharonville Convention Center“It gives us great pleasure

16 February

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: An Interview with Todd Tucker

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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2022AN INTERVIEW WITH TODD TUCKER of ILLUSION INDUSTRIESThere’s just something about the word ‘chainsaw’ that really seems to get under your skin (pun absolutely intended), especially for us horror movie fans. Oh sure, most people probably associate the word ‘chainsaw’ with what the power tool was actually

4 January

Jay Kay's Top 28 Favorite Genre Films of 2021

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My Top 28 Favorite Horror Genre Film List is based off of a 2021 U.S. wide release or having seen at film festivals during 2021. I added a few more films that I was on the fence about but deserve to be included! Thanks for reading and sharing. 1. The Feast

1 December

VHS Premier Their Latest Release, "I Heard They Suck...Blood."

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Are you a fan of vampires? Do you want to sleep all day, party all night and never grow old? So do the Canadian heavy metal party punks VHS. The gruesome group's latest LP is a blood soaked love letter to some of the best vampire films horror fandom has

15 November

First Look Jeepers Creepers: Reborn Meets HorrorHound!

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Everything you've heard is true. He's back. And he's piling up the bodies at the "HorrorHound Festival!"HorrorHound Weekend Ltd. is happy to announce that the rumors are true. We have been working with the producers of the upcoming Jeepers Creepers: Reborn to help reimagine the long-running convention series HorrorHound Weekend to the big

5 October

HorrorHound Weekend Returns this March 25-27th, 2022

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HorrorHound Weekend returns to Cincinnati, Ohio this March 25-27th, 2022!At the Sharonville Convention Center, look for a "return to normalcy" in the world of horror, as dozens of popular celebrities from within the world of film and television migrate over a three-day-weekend paired with over 130 exciting vendors, our Spring HorrorHound

27 September

October Movie Screening Challenge 2021

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It's time for the SEVENTH ANNUAL October Movie Screening Challenge! That's right – this is the seventh year in a row we at HorrorHound have pieced and posted a screening guide for how to plan out your spooky season! The challenge is simple: you to watch one horror film each day

23 September

HorrorHound Rewind Starts September 23rd - 26th!

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PRESS RELEASE: HORRORHOUND REWIND STARTS TODAY SEPTEMBER 23rd & RUNS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 26th!HorrorHound Adds Additional Value to Its Award Winning ConventionSeptember 21st, 2021 HorrorHound Ltd. is delighted to announce the continuation of its Virtual Film Fest which started in 2020 with a new Virtual Event titled HorrorHound Rewind! HorrorHound Rewind is

9 September

HorrorHound Weekend Program Guide

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HorrorHound Weekend returns to the Sharonville Convention Center this weekend September 10, 11 and 12!  Scan the above QR code or click HERE to access the digital copy of this weekends Program Guide. Friday and Sunday tickets are still available HERE .

30 August

HorrorHound Speaks to the Team Behind Horrible Imaginings

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Returning to The Frida Cinema Thursday, September 2nd through Sunday, September 5th, the 12th annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival will offer a cinematic and artistic experience that will challenge, educate, invoke, and enrich the viewer both in theater and virtually. In concert with the special presentation called Horrible Realities, the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

30 August

No Man of God: Luke Kirby shows real horror of Ted Bundy

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No Man of God:  Review/Interview Luke Kirby shows real horror of Ted BundyBy Jessica DwyerNo Man of God isn’t a flashy film.  It doesn’t have overt scenes of violence andgore.  It’s not supernatural at all.  The thing that makes the movie terrifying isthe realness of it and how it shows us,

28 August

The H2F2 Film Festival Returns September 10th to 12th!

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FORIMMEDIATE RELEASESunday, August 29, 2021The H2F2 Film Festival Returns for a Weekend of Indie Horror Madness September 10th to 12th at the Sharonville Convention Center! After being avirtual only film festival in 2020, the H2F2 Film Festival returns as part ofthe 2021 Fall HorrorHound Weekend at the revamped and renovated SharonvilleConvention

15 August

The Walking Dead - The Final Season

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The Walking Dead The Final SeasonThe final season of The Walking Dead premiered this weekend with Negan and Maggie having to deal with their history and everyone else having to deal with an underground subway tunnel full of walkers.  While not as grandiose as previous season premieres the focus this time was