Better Watch Out - Review

Review by Audery Lane

The holidays ... a time of year that brings joy and dread to millions.  If you are like me you enjoy this time more when it's a little darker, a little bloodier and a little more shocking.  Better Watch Out delivers on all those elements and does exactly what it attempts to do- make a holiday horror movie that is quite great.

The film does not feature a well- known masked killer, it is not a sequel or prequel, and there is nothing lurking in the woods, however it does feature a new bad boy.  A very, very bad boy. Starring Olivia DeJonge, Dacre Montgomery (co-stars in M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit) and Levi Miller (2015's Pan), the film quickly moves into the action.

Babysitter Ashley (DeJonge) is tasked with looking after 12-year- old Luke (Miller) while his parents (Virginia Madsen & Patrick Warburton) attend a holiday party.  Luke solidly declares he is too old for a sitter but reluctantly complies because he harbors a crush on Ashley.  With his troublemaker best friend Jeremy (Montgomery), Luke concocts a plan to tell Ashley how he feels.

Ashley and Luke's evening starts off normally but strange things begin to happen after a series of calls to the home.  Soon the night takes a drastic turn as Ashley is forced to defend the home and Luke against intruders.  You will see a semblance of 70's and 80's horror themes but that is where the familiarity stops. From this point on, the formulaic babysitter slasher movies plot goes out the window.  That is the beauty of Better Watch Out, everything goes-there is no formula being followed. Just when you think you have it figured out, I assure you, you do not.

Strong performances and smart dialogue make it feel fresh but abstract enough to where it sets itself apart from other films of this genre.  Director Chris Peckover (Undocumented) splendidly provides the viewer with an onslaught of exceptional story, demented people and a particular scene that will leave you horrified.  

Out in theaters across the U.S. October 6th, this one is not to be missed.  You should enjoy this on the big screen with other a group of friends.