Saturday, Jun 25 2022

Thrill The World - October 28th

Thrill The World October 28th!

Halloween is one of the most important days of the year for horror fans.  And "Thriller" is one of the most important music videos for horror fans.  ... Combine these together and you have a worldwide event in the making.  "Thrill The World" is a day where around this globe in which groups of fans will be breaking out into the Thriller dance all at the same time. "Thrill The World" has been going on since 2006 and is truly global.  You can go full zombie or not, it's up to you, but you gotta dance!  

We posted a video of what could be called a "dry run" of a local "Thrill The World" on the HorrorHound Facebook Page, but there's still time to find one in your own (bloody) neck of the woods.  The official "Thrill The World" event is taking place October 28th.  You can go to the Thrill The World Web page and find the event nearest you.  You can also find out how to set up your own dance event.  "Thrill The World" is active in local charities too, so you can use scare to show you care.

I can't think of a more rocking way to celebrate the Saturday before Halloween.  And for those in the Eugene, Oregon area – check out the Thrill The World Zombie Car Crawl happening Saturday, the 21st which is in support of local charity Shelter Care.