Thursday, May 26 2022

The Endless Film Review

Get ready for a clinic in suspense. The Endless takes us on a complex psychological journey when brothers Justin (Justin Benson) and Aaron (Aaron Moorehead) return to the death cult they fled from ten years prior.  Finding it difficult to adjust to life outside of the cult Aaron longs to return
and see the members after receiving a mysterious video from the compound. Hoping to garner a better understanding of the cult's beliefs and find closure in their decision to leave, the brother's must come to terms with the truth and with each other.

The brothers are torn in their feelings and beliefs. One is conflicted and seems to question nothing of the past and the undeniable phenomenon that envelopes the compound, whereas the other is overly cautious and reluctant to relax and give into his surroundings. Face to face with members and past memories, they happen to visit as the compound is preparing for a monumental event that may answer questions
they have both wrestled with for the last decade.

There are such strong elements occurring this film:  family, faith, and fear of the unknown. What I like about The Endless is the quiet restraint of the direction.  You are constantly waiting for the ball to drop but the story moves along with likeable characters that are outside of the stereotypical, psychotic cult members portrayed in many films with similar subject matter.  Boasting a strong supporting cast as cultists, performance maverick Lew Temple, Callie Hernandez and Tate Ellington do an incredible job of pulling you into their love of the paradise they have built. What is it that is off about the compound? Everyone is happy, social and welcoming; but are people really that happy all the time and what secrets are they not sharing? The film doesn't target the cult to be monsters, the characters are very humanized yet the viewer knows something is amiss.

The Endless submerses you in a story with multiple layers and characters and is intentionally paced to give you time to assess and deliberate what is happening. Steeped in sci-fi and Lovecraftian undertones, the film unlocks the recesses of your imagination and fear of the uncertain.

The fourth effort from team Benson and Moorehead highlights their growth from good Indie filmmakers to acclaimed filmmakers. It is quite a feat to transition so quickly and be loved by both fans and critics.  Usually there is so much decisiveness between the two groups it is hard to ascertain which Indie films are worth your time. The Endless is a must-see and I recommend viewing their first feature, 2012's Resolution available on Amazon Prime.

Aaron- Aaron Moorehead

Justin- Justin Benson

Tim- Lew Temple

Anna- Callie Hernandez

Hal- Tate Ellington

Shitty Carl- James Jordan