Saturday, Jun 25 2022

October Movie Screening Challenge 2019

It's time for the FIFTH ANNUAL October Movie Screening Challenge! That's right – this is the fifth year in a row we at HorrorHound have pieced and posted a screening guide for how to plan out your spooky season! The challenge is simple: you to watch one horror film each day of October featuring the following plot devices, characters, or particulars .... what film you watch is up to you, as long as it involves the following each day:

October 1: Watch something from the year you were born.
October 2: Watch a movie that takes place ON Halloween.
October 3: R.I.P. John Carl Buechler. Watch a film John Carl Buechler worked on.
October 4: Watch a horror movie that features a clown.
October 5: Let someone else pick the horror film you watch today!
October 6: Watch a film that you've never seen before.
October 7: Watch a movie that does NOT feature a horror icon.
October 8: Watch a movie from the "Into the Dark" film series on Hulu.*
October 9: Watch a black and white horror movie.
October 10: Watch any horror film on Netflix.*
October 11: The Addams Family hits theaters today! Watch an animated feature or short.
October 12: Watch a horror comedy.
October 13: Watch any horror film on Shudder (OR watch two episodes of Creepshow).*
October 14: Watch a movie from your DVD collection.
October 15: Crawl hits Blu-ray today! Watch a horror movie featuring a killer croc or gator!
October 16: Pick a horror movie poster that's hanging on your wall - and watch that!
October 17: R.I.P. Larry Cohen. Watch a Larry Cohen film.
October 18: Zombieland 2 hits theaters today! Watch a zombie movie.
October 19: Pick out a movie from this year (2019) to watch!
October 20: Watch a horror movie sequel!
October 21: Watch something shot on POV.
October 22: Watch a horror movie remake.
October 23: Watch a foreign-language horror movie.
October 24: R.I.P. Sid Haig. Watch a film starring Sid Haig.
October 25: It's "Frankenstein Friday!" Watch a movie featuring Frankenstein's monster.
October 26: Watch a movie from the 2000s.
October 27: Watch a horror movie that takes place in the woods.
October 28: Rewatch the first horror movie you remember seeing as a child.
October 29: Godzilla: The Showa-Era hits Blu-ray today! Watch a giant monster movie.
October 30: Watch a Stephen King horror movie.
October 31: Simply watch Trick r Treat ... Happy Halloween!

We definitely brought back a few of our favorite picks ... tried to come up with a few new concepts, and even asked fans to submit their own. Have fun with the list and email us at with any comments and suggestions (your suggestions for 2020's challenge are always welcome). Thanks and enjoy your October/Halloween!

*If you do not have the ability to watch a specific film type listed above (maybe you don't own one or can't find one or don't have the appropriate streaming service), then you must watch John Carpenter's Halloween (if you fall victim of this clause more than once, then watch the sequels in order, as required, till the list is complete).