Virtual HorrorHound Film Festival Winners

Thank you to everyone who logged in to "attend" the first-ever Virtual HorrorHound Film Festival. This five-day event kicked off on May 20th and lasted through May 24th. The festival boasted eleven feature-length films and over four dozen of the best short-format films – paired with special screenings of HorrorHound TV content, new promos, and even some premiere videos from past HorrorHound Weekend events. We are excited by the turn-out, the reactions, and the support. We also have an important tradition to continue – that of awarding filmmakers for their hard work!

This was a special presentation, especially considering that it was taking place during the weekend of our canceled Cincinnati event, a casualty of the global pandemic that's been gripping the world. While we had no control over hosting our physical event this past weekend – it was important for everyone at HorrorHound that we have the ability to rally together over this weekend to celebrate the world of horror. To host an event that, in some way would still bring together the fans so that we can all share an experience as one, to remind ourselves that things will be okay. We are still here for one another, and in one way or another, we will continue to celebrate this industry that so many of us love. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks to the hundreds of fans who logged in throughout those amazing five-days of entertainment. Thank you to those who jumped on the live chat to co-mingle with other "attendees" and those who took advantage of the Q&A Watch Party.  

The filmmakers who helped make this event such a success were amazing to work with, as many jumped onto the Chat and Watch Party to field questions from fans, and the HorrorHound Film Fest staff. It's tradition that during the HorrorHound Weekend event, the Film Fest director(s) hold a special award ceremony to honor the winners of each festival's best-in-show. From directors, actors, SFX, and feature films – it's always a fun experience to be together in one place, to celebrate these award presentations. Unfortunately, due to stay-at-home orders, it was impossible to host a physical ceremony. A sad loss – but also an opportunity. We are excited to reveal the winners for the Spring-edition of the HorrorHound Film Festival:

WINNER: Snowglobe
Runner Up: The Soul Collector

WINNER: Asking for a Friend
Runner Up: Love Bite

WINNER: Bad Witch
Runner Up: The Springfield Three

WINNER: Save Yourself
Runner Up: Inkling

WINNER: Jace Pickard (Fragmentary)
Runner Up: Rami Kahlon (Odd Girl)

WINNER: Danny Irizarry (Don't Run)
Runner Up: Alejandro Bordano (Limbo - The Edge of Hell)

WINNER: Christina July Kim (Stay Out Stay Alive)
Runner Up: Amalia Krueger (The Desperate)

WINNER: Jason Axinn (To Your Last Death)
Runner Up: Yfke van Berckelaer (Lili)

WINNER: Brunch Shift Massacre
Runner Up: Limbo - The Edge of Hell

WINNER: Witness Infection
Runner Up: To Your Last Death

Thank you once again to all the filmmakers who took part in this amazing event. We can not wait to reveal our plans for the Fall edition of the Virtual HorrorHound Film Festival. More details and information will be revealed, but we think we have come up with a clever plan to balance our physical event and a virtual event in a manner that will excite both fans and filmmakers. (We are currently in the early bird stage of submissions for the fall film festival which ends Saturday, May 30th at 11:59pm EST.) Please visit for more information on how you can enter your feature or short films into competition. 

Also, for anyone who missed the Virtual Film Festival and had eyes on some of the select merchandise that was released in conjunction with the event, make sure you check back to this Friday. Any leftover merchandise from the Virtual Fest will be sold online. This includes shirts and event magazines for "the show that never was."

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