Friday, Dec 9 2022


We are thrilled to announce the first feature-length film that will take part of Virtual HorrorHound Weekend, screening on March 19th: THE PARKER SESSIONS by Stephen King Simmons. The World Premiere screening of The Parker Sessions will be joined by such short films as "Mourn," "There He Is Now," and "Judge" as part of our Friday "EVERYONE IS A LITTLE CRAZY" film block (4:00pm)!

About The Parker Sessions:
"A troubled young woman with a disturbing past goes to see a counselor about her night terrors."

About Mourn:
"A grief counselor is visited by a widower with an eerie claim."

About There He Is Now:
"A creature lurks in her mind. Maybe that's a good thing."

About Judge:
"Ava is haunted by a past mistake, and when seeking relief, she finds out what the consequences are."

The Virtual HorrorHound Weekend will stream March 19-21st on – if you are a current HHW pass holder, you can participate in the festival for free(!!!) .... Tickets are available for purchase by visiting – and don't forget to check out our VIP merchandise package that comes with an all-new HH tee, glow-in-dark pin, and surprise autograph!

In-person HHW conventions return to Cincinnati this September 10-12th!