Wednesday, Sep 28 2022

October Movie Screening Challenge

October is upon us – and I have been summoned by our online fiends to produce another month-long movie challenge – for the third year in a row, we present a movie screening guide for how to plan out your haunting month! The challenge is simple: you to watch one horror film each day of October featuring the following plot devices, characters, or particulars .... what film you watch is up to you, as long as it involves the following each day:

October 1: Watch something from the year you were born.
October 2: Watch an anthology.
October 3: It's Neve Campbell's birthday. Watch a Scream movie!
October 4: RIP: Watch a movie directed by Tobe Hooper.
October 5: Watch something Japanese.
October 6: Watch a horror film featuring a killer car (man-driven or supernaturally).
October 7: Watch a horror comedy.
October 8: RIP: Watch a horror film featuring Bill Paxton.
October 9: Let someone else pick the horror film you watch today!
October 10: Watch a ghostly horror film.
October 11: Watch a film that takes place on Halloween.
October 12: It's Lin Shaye's birthday. Watch a horror film featuring her!
October 13: Watch a Friday the 13th film.
October 14: Watch a movie based on the works of Dean Koontz.
October 15: Watch a Hammer Horror film.
October 16: Watch a horror film that takes place in an asylum (open or condemned).
October 17: RIP: Watch a movie directed by George A. Romero.
October 18: Watch a horror film featuring a "scream queen."
October 19: It's John Lithgow's birthday. Watch a horror film featuring him!
October 20: Watch something you have NEVER seen before.
October 21: Watch something French.
October 22: Watch a horror film that features a clown.
October 23: RIP: Watch a horror film featuring Martin Landau.
October 24: Watch a black and white horror film.
October 25: Watch a horror film that features Kaiju.
October 26: Watch a film that has been remade (but watch the original!).
October 27: Watch a horror film that stars kids.
October 28: Watch a horror film that features a heavy metal soundtrack.
October 29: Give a movie (you didn't enjoy much) a second try!
October 30: Watch a vampire movie from the 1980s.
October 31: Just watch Trick r Treat ... Happy Halloween!

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